Innovation and Solutions is Forests Forward "think" space that aims to inspire dynamic thought leadership, learning, dialogue, research and innovation to tackle the challenges forests face through working groups, study tours, encounters and promoting successful solutions.

It builds on WWF´s long-standing experience with initiatives like the former Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN), and the New Generation Plantations platform that was created in 2007, and over the years has evolved to a leading platform for sharing knowledge, best practice and collaborative learning about plantations. 


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Today, NGP is an “ecosystem of collaboration and innovation" bringing together people and organizations from civil society, the private, public sectors and academia to develop, protect and restore biodiversity and ecosystems and improve local livelihoods. 


  • helps participants identify opportunities organising workshops, study tours and dialogues about new generation plantations.

  • Acts as an interface of research on new generation plantations among the forestry sector to catalyse knowledge on a variety of topics, including bioeconomy, climate change, landscape restoration and biodiverisity. It relies on a network of technical specialists, researchers, forest engineers and communicators.

  • Generates a pipeline of "Bankable Nature Solutions" with communities, forestry companies, NGOs and finance institutions. Bankable Nature Solutions are projects aimed at maintaining the ecosystem's integrity and helping combat climate change by protecting and restoring high conservation value forests, among other. 


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