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Rooted in science and monitoring.

Together with our private-sector partners and other stakeholders, Forests Forward strives to deliver lasting on-the-ground impact in some of the world’s most vulnerable ecosystems while respecting and involving local people.

For every activity, WWF is there, helping companies track and monitor their progress. So when ambitious goals are achieved, we can have the confidence to communicate and amplify this success far and wide, together.

Our approach is always science-based, and we set targets and objectives that are closely aligned with other recognized sustainability frameworks, such as:


Transparency is a vital principle of Forests Forward. We aim to drive transparency and accountability in the private sector. 

Our Impact Portal publicly showcases the commitments, milestones, and achievements of all Forests Forward partners.

Organised into partners and projects, the map-based portal shows everything from progress towards targets on responsible sourcing, to improving forest management operations, to field stories where partners have invested in forest landscapes beyond their value chain.

Features include:

  • Global map with geolocated projects, sites, and multiple data layers;
  • Background context and goals of partners and their projects;
  • Partner action plans, time-bound objectives, planned activities and progress towards milestones;
  • WWF project investment opportunities;
  • News on project updates, developments, and announcements;
  • Videos, photos and other multimedia.

Impact Portal

Explore our projects and partner milestones




Our impact at a glance
Companies taking action with Forests Forward
7+ million hectares
Area of forest currently managed by Forests Forward partners
170+ million tonnes
Forest products produced by Forests Forward partners
$18+ million
Funding contributing to the improved protection, restoration and sustainable management of forest landscapes