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Sustainability across the supply chain is a critical component of mainstreaming responsible forest management and trade. 

WWF engages with companies that either have a link to a forest, plantation or landscape where better management is desperately needed, or that are connecting credibly certified producers with global timber markets. 

Sustained legality of timber, pulp and paper supply and independent, multi-stakeholder forest certification bodies like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) are vital tools in driving responsible forest and plantations management and trade of wood products throughout the full timber value chain. 

WWF’s experience in transforming supply chain sourcing can help participants make effective decisions about the wood they source, improve transparency and strengthen connections to other responsible players in the market.  

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Pulp and paper

Through Forests Forward, WWF also engages with committed producers and buyers towards responsible sourcing of forest products and fairer access to paper resources globally.  We advocate for the reduction of wasteful consumption and collaborate closely with like-minded organizations, for example the Environmental Paper Network. 

We also closely monitor the paper sector to ensure that companies follow through on their pledges to halt deforestation and properly address their commitments. 

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