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New generation plantations

WWF created New Generation Plantations (NGP) in 2007 with the participation of a number of government forest departments and private companies to share knowledge, best practices and collaborative learning about plantations.

WWF recognizes the potential of sustainable forest plantations in the right places that conserve biodiversity and meet human needs. We aim to mainstream the highest standards of responsible forest and plantations by supporting and stimulating a new generation of well-managed plantations. 

As global forest cover continues to decline, and deforestation rates are accelerating, NGP offers a solution to meeting the world’s growing demand for forest resources while combating the loss and degradation of natural forests and contributing to socio-economic development. 

New Generation Plantations Concept

The New Generation Plantations concept is based on the premise that well-managed planted forests in the right places can help conserve biodiversity and meet human needs, while contributing to sustainable economic growth and local livelihoods according to four overarching principles:

  • maintain ecosystem integrity

  • protect and enhance high conservation values 

  • effective stakeholder engagement

  • economic growth and employment

The New Generation Plantations concept follows an integrated landscape approach that enables good governance and create shared-value.

Forests Forward participants who implement the NGP concept invest in sustainable forest landscapes and manage plantations according to the best management practices, not only for direct financial benefits but with a long-term vision of responsible resource management.  

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