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Investment Opportunities



Through Forests Forward, businesses, communities, governments, financial institutions and civil society organizations with stakes in forests and key landscapes are coming together to act for change. Now, we’re looking for the next generation of Forests Forward projects that bring together science, policy, businesses and communities to identify, support and demonstrate sustainable solutions. Within the Forests Forward portal, a portfolio of new projects seeking funding has been developed in order to take those projects from the funding stage to implementation as a part of the Forests Forward program.

Are you a project developer seeking funding to scale up your sustainable forest project?

Are you looking to invest in projects achieving measurable forest impacts on the landscape level?

The Forests Forward investment opportunities portal will connect investors to forest projects around the world that are creating impact for people and nature.


Sustainable Forest Management

Sustainable Forest Management projects will:

  • Maintain ecological, economic and socio-cultural balance in order to provide integrated benefits

  • Follow the FSC Principles

Bankable Nature Solutions

Bankable Nature Solutions projects will:

  • Provide positive environmental & social impacts

  • Provide a financial return on investment

  • Be managed by the private sector

Forest Landscape Restoration

Forest Landscape Restoration projects will:

  • Restore multiple functions for multiple benefits

  • Engage stakeholders and support participatory governance

  • Maintain and enhance natural ecosystems within landscapes

New Generation Plantations

New Generation Plantations projects will:

  • Maintain ecosystem Integrity

  • Protect or restore High Conservation Values

  • Be developed through multi-stakeholder processes

  • Create economic development and employment

Projects submission periods: Project Developers can submit projects in April, July, October, January.

Projects Analysis: Submitted projects will be analysed and selected by a panel of experts in May, August, November, February.

Selected Projects: The selected projects will be uploaded and made available on the Forests Forward Portal in June, September, December, March.