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Improving Forests & Plantations Management

WWF aims to mainstream the highest standards of responsible forest and plantations management by stimulating and enabling responsible forestry, credible forest certification and a new generation of well-managed plantations. A new generation of well-managed plantations that is built on an integrated landscape approach will enable good governance and create shared-value. It will generate a pipeline of projects that maintain the ecosystem's integrity, protect and restore high conservation value forests. Integrated landscape approaches are developed through effective, participative multi-stakeholder processes that also contribute to local economic development and employment.

Forests Forward looks at improved forest management from a holistic point of view, but also provides the opportunity to target specific impacts and it facilitates reporting on these impacts. One can think of High Conservation Value (HCV) habitat protection, improvement of certain ecosystem services, more inclusive forest management, increased welfare and positive social impacts among other. 

© Luis Barreto / WWF-UK

Participants in Forests Forward want to manage their resources according to best management practices, not only for direct financial benefits but with a long-term vision of responsible resource management.

They see performance-based participation as an opportunity to convey the benefits and impacts of responsible forestry.  Forest certification has yet to provide much of a stimulant to spread locally controlled forest management. Despite many efforts to establish forest certification amongst small-scale forest managers and owners, its spread is limited because the high costs involve outweigh the tangible benefits. Forests Forward wants to work with this specific group of forest stewards on achieving positive forest outcomes. Where possible, synergies are being sought with initiatives supporting smallholders.  

Company or community, smallholder or state: whatever kind of forest steward, responsible forest management can be undertaken by all those managing forest resources whether it be natural forests, plantations or landscapes.

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